QBO Setup

New to Quickbooks Online??

This is a done for you service and will ensure your account is setup correctly and you are ready to go.

Includes foundational setup, training resources and basic hands-on training.

QBO Training

Quickbooks Online already set up but want some training?

This done with you service builds your confidence in using QBO. 

To accommodate a variety of learning levels I offer training packages that allow you to determine the amount of training you feel you need. 

These are prepaid packages of time that can be used at your discretion. Training sessions are done via Zoom. The recordings are uploaded your own shared Google Drive folder, available for you to download for future viewing.

QBO Bundle

Get Quickbooks Online Confidence with this bundle.

This done for you and with you service ensures your QuickBooks file is customized for your business and builds your confidence in using QBO with the training included.

Your personalized plan is sure to create a financial flow that works well with your goals.


Deep Dive

Feeling a little unsure of things??

This financial check-up is a done for you service that is the first step to financial clarity in your business.

A deep dive into your QBO account will produce a detailed report to get you on track.

Quarterly Review

Keep your confidence up as you move through the year.

This quarterly review is a base-level check-up that is a done for you service. Ensure you continue to have financial clarity in your business.

Receive a report each quarter with actionable steps to keep you on track.

Year End Review

Wrap up your year like a gift package for your accountant.

This year-end review is a done with you service.

Together we review the year of transactions, accounts are reconciled and categorized accurately.

All important events will be documented, the necessary documents assembled, ready to hand-off to your accountant or tax preparer like a gift-wrapped package.



Full Support

Wish you had a trusted resource to depend on?

Get the reassurance you want from an expert who can help you stay on track and keep moving forward.

The limitless support includes email and telephone support for the solutions you will ever need.

Light Support

When you want to have some support to fall back on.

Sometimes it is great to know we have a “go to” person who can help get over those little hurdles that come up.

This “just in case” service provides you with the confidence you need when those moments arise.

Pick Your Brain

When those unexpected questions come up.

When you don’t require consistent support, but something just happens to spring up unexpectedly, knowing you can reach out for help with confidence.



Get Organized to Get Profitable

Feeling overwhelmed because there is so much to do and you don't know where to start?  Or perhaps, you've already started and you are overwhelmed because you just aren't sure if you are doing it right?

Get Organized to Get Profitable - a hybrid course
coming January 2024.

Learn what to track, how to track, what to do, when to do it and more!

There is a book coming too!!

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Collaborative Learning Community for Women in Business

Wish you had a community of support? 

Women just like you excited about their business but needing help getting the vision to reality?

Be a part of interactive sessions where learning, brainstorming and the exchange of stories/challenges/success can be found with the support of other women in business.

GradUit Thrivers' monthly sessions >>> Stepping Stones For Success Strategy Sessions are the place to be. Held the 3rd Thursday each month using our 4Cs for Success Philosophy.

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