Hi I'm LIZ

Thanks for being curious!

The Geek in Me!

I absolutely love to help entrepreneurs to understand the money part of their business, including the systems and processes. It was when I began training clients’ staff members that I realized teaching was where I found real joy.

After graduating from a business high school, I gained much of my training while working with accounting firms like Thorne, Ernst & Whinney (one of the top 7 accounting firms).

In 1993, I decided to head off on entrepreneurship when it became apparent my growth was being stunted as an employee.  I knew I could do more, so my entrepreneurial journey began.

Advertising my new business using a printed flyer resulted in one new client. The rest of my clients have come through word of mouth. When you treat your clients well and provide top-quality service, clients brag about you to their friends and associates; they become your greatest fans!  As I worked with clients in the early years, I found myself setting up and optimizing their business systems, providing HR and managerial services and even a little IT work (okay, not a little, quite a bit actually).

Becoming a single mom at 32, I embraced my entrepreneurship and welcomed the flexibility, better time management and greater financial opportunities.